Thursday, 17 May 2012

Second Innings

I had started blogging last October here. I am a painfully shy and private person. So I had chosen to blog as Anon. But as Anon I had nothing to fall back on. No roots, no memory. You can see the blog had reached a stalemate. I also forgot how to access it. So end of first Innings.  It was while having heated debates in Outlook forum the past came alive for me. Some of the threads SIT found no prosecutable evidence against Modi:court ,Out, Damned Spot , and Norwegian Killer says he was influenced by Al Qaeda. Twenty year old memories came back, the smells and sounds and faces ..It was as if a dam had burst. Somewhere I wrote 20 year old events in present tense! And while reading comment of another writer YHWH
The present representative democracy is nothing more than a Realism. Realism means there is no PEACE in the world but only TRUCE. A Hindu in Jammu complains that the government is led by Muslims and his rights are trampled. A Hindu in Punjab complains Harbhajan Singh will be promoted a DSP not only because he is cricketer but he is a Sikh, A muslim complains all the weapons and  missiles  are  named after Hindu Gods and not Muslim heroes. Do you think this is democracy? No, hell no! Democracy means we give people an illusion and maintain the TRUCE. 
As I was  reading the word illusion, it was not a compromised illusion, but life-affirming magic and I had my Satori moment as I wrote
OK then we will make fairy tales and bring them to life
Let us see how this blog goes. I would like to develop some of the themes begun in the forum.

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